APCI Linear Friction Welding

'Linear Friction Welding Systems for the 21st Century'


APCI is proud to present our new and innovative Revolutionary Linear Friction Welding (LFW) Technology.

The APCI Team has decades of experience and a track record of applying innovative engineering concepts to address practical industry needs.  Our manufacturing partner, JR Automation Technologies, LLC, is a renowned capital equipment designer and manufacturer throughout the world, offering over 30+ years manufacturing experience. As a result of APCI's Ingenuity and partnership with JR Automation, we are offering the premier Solid State Bonding Technology for the 21st Century

Born from the welding industry's need of a lower cost and more accurate solution, APCI's LFW Technology provides paradigm changing solutions to the Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Construction, Energy, Heavy Equipment, Marine, Medical, Military, Specialty, and Transportation Industries.  This advancement in welding capabilities coupled with the Return on Investment generated by our systems is a game changer in manufacturing.

While LFW is the heart of APCI, we also offer a full suite of Solid State Bonding solutions including Rotary Friction Welding Systems, and Inertia Welding Systems.  

We look forward to introducing you to our Revolutionary Linear Friction Welding Technology.



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